Caching with A/B Testing

Salesforce B2C Commerce provides different page caching configurations. If you apply personalized prices in an A/B test via promotions, you must use the personalization parameter <varyby="price_promotion"> in the iscache tag of the corresponding templates to ensure the personalized pages are cached properly. We recommend, as a best practice, that you cache whenever possible. Uncached catalog, product or search pages - whether A/B testing pages or regular pages - are not recommended because they degrade performance.

For example, you can use the following in your template if you apply personalized prices in an A/B test via promotions :

<iscache type="relative" minute="30" varyby="price_promotion"/>

By definition, the control group must contain no customization. If you introduce a custom experience for a control group, the pipeline/template containing the customization is no longer cacheable.

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