Extending an A/B Test

You might want to extend a test that seems close to resulting in a statistically significant result, but has not done so in its allotted time period. You can extend an A/B test by changing its end date to a future date and time. If you extend a test for which the end date has already arrived, it can immediately start taking on new participants. If the end date has not already arrived, it continues to take on new participants, but for a longer time period. If there are active customer sessions at the time a test is extended (and the original end date has arrived), they are not evaluated for participation. Only new sessions are evaluated.

You can extend a test on a Staging instance, but the effect only occurs if you replicate the test to Production. For a more immediate effect, extend an A/B test on the Production instance. However, if you make this change on Production, you must also make it on Staging so that a subsequent replication doesn't override it.

Note: A/B test statistics are not adjusted or changed if the start or end dates of a test changes. You can schedule an A/B test to last up to 90 days.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > A/B tests.
  2. On the A/B testing List page, double-click the A/B test you want to modify.
  3. On the A/B Test General page, in the A/B test General section, change the end date to a future date and time.
  4. Click Apply to accept the changes to your A/B test. The test continues to run until the new end date.