Managing A/B Tests

Use Business Manager to:

You can distribute test segments across a maximum of twelve simultaneous A/B tests, as long as the total number of segments for all active A/B tests doesn't exceed twelve. Each A/B test can have up to five unique test segments, one of which is always the control group. Each test segment targets a portion of the total test participants. Participation in the control group results in a storefront experience that is the same as if the A/B test did not exist. Participation in one of the other segments results in a modified storefront experience that represents one or more changes to the control group experience.

These changes, only visible to a particular segment, can be from one (or a combination) of these built-in B2C Commerce A/B testing experiences, plus script customization:


You might want to test, for example, one experience that includes a new slot content and promotion against another experience that includes another, different slot content and experience.

When you start creating A/B tests, avoid using existing promotions, slot content, and sorting rules because they will be included in your controls. Instead, create new experience to test, possibly against the controls.

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