Pausing an A/B Test

You might want to pause a long test for a few days while an unusually short-term promotion runs, to avoid skewing the data based on the traffic.

You can pause a test on a Staging instance, but the effect only occurs if you replicate the test to Production. For a more immediate effect, pause an A/B test on the Production instance. However, if you make this change on Production, you must also make it on Staging so that a subsequent replication won't override it.

Pausing a test doesn't push out its end date. When you pause an A/B test, it no longer takes on new participants or identifies past participants returning to the site before their participation expires. Participants that are in the process of a storefront visit at the time the test was paused remain participants, and experience test segment effects for that visit, until their session expires. This means that some metrics are still collected after a test is paused, but only for participants that started their visit before it was paused. The number of active participants shrinks as sessions expire, until there are no more participants or until the test is resumed.

A paused test that is never resumed is the same as stopping the test.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > A/B tests.
  2. On the A/B testing list page, double-click the A/B test you want to modify.
  3. On the A/B test details page, click the Pause button.

    The Resume button appears.

  4. Click the Resume button when you want to resume the test.