Previewing an A/B Test

You can use the storefront Site Preview controls to preview and test different test segments of your A/B tests. You can do this two ways:

Within the Business Manager A/B tests module

Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > A/B tests. Open a test so that you can see the test segments. Click the preview icon for the individual test segment that you want to preview. The storefront opens and you participate in the test group, with the Site Preview controls window populated with the test and test segments names.

Within the Storefront Toolkit

You must select the A/B test and A/B test segment names. When you specify a valid test and segment, you participate in this test segment, regardless of the current time or your customer group membership.

You can preview an A/B test that is enabled and whose schedule falls in the effective date of the preview on a storefront by entering both the A/B test and A/B test segment values on the Site Preview control. You can use the A/B test segment preview to set the effective date. If an A/B test is disabled or inactive, the Site Preview control on the storefront shows an error. When an A/B test segment is being previewed, the promotions, discounts, slots, and sorting rules related to that A/B test segment are enabled, regardless of the time for which the A/B test is scheduled. When you clear both the A/B test and the A/B test segment values from the Site Preview control and resubmit, the A/B test segment is disabled from preview.

A new link is added to every A/B test segment. Select site > Online Marketing > A/B test > A/B test, to facilitate the preview.

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