Viewing A/B Test Results

You can run up to three A/B tests at a time. Each test can have multiple segments, with multiple user experiences. When you have drawn conclusions from an A/B test, you can deploy some or all of experiences for its test groups to the site. Typically, you want to deploy the experiences of the winning test group, but you might sometimes want to deploy experiences for multiple groups. Deploy these experiences manually, by creating a new campaign or adding to an existing one.

See A/B Test Results and Creating an A/B Test.

  1. Select > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > A/B tests.
  2. On the A/B testing list page, click the tool icon to the left of a test and select View Test Results from the menu.
  3. You can also open the A/B test first and then click Test Results. Double-click an A/B test.
  4. On the A/B test details page, click the Test Results button.

    The A/B test Results page opens with the key metric at the top of the list.