Enable and Disable a Client ID for the Open Commerce API

Account administrators can use Account Manager to enable and disable client IDs.

The Open Commerce API requires that each client have a client ID. The client must append this ID to the URLs they use to interact with the Open Commerce API. Client IDs are enabled by default. However, you can disable a client ID, if necessary.

To enable or disable a client ID, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Account Manager.
  2. Click API Client.

    The API Clients page opens, showing a list of client IDs and, for each ID, a related display name. The display name is a human readable value that identifies the client.

  3. Click the client ID you want to enable or disable.

    The API Client page opens.

  4. Modify the value of the Enabled field, checking it to enable the client ID or unchecking it to disable the client ID.
  5. Click Save.