Reset a User Account

Account administrators can use Account Manager to reset a user's account. This operation is useful if the user forgets their password. When you reset a user's account, you put the account in the same state it was in when it was initially created. The user must reactivate the account. See Activate a Commerce Cloud Account.

  1. Log into Account Manager.
  2. Click User.

    The Users page opens, showing a list of accounts.

  3. Click Reset next to the user whose account you want to reset.

    A dialog box opens, asking you to confirm that you want to reset the user's account. If you click Cancel, the reset operation is canceled, and the user's account isn't modified.

  4. Click OK.

    Account Manager resets the user's account and sends a message to the user's email address. This email message contains an activation URL, which serves as a starting point for the user to activate the account. Account Manager also shows, in the Users page, a text message next to the user's account. This text message indicates that the user's account was successfully reset; it also includes the activation URL sent to the user's email address. If the user does not receive the email message, you can copy the activation URL and paste it into another message. You can then manually send the message to the user's email address.