Managing Stale Data

Stale data is data that is older than a fresh period that you define. You define a fresh period for each feed. Each time a feed is imported, it resets the fresh period for any products in the feed. If the data in your feed isn't volatile, and likely to be similar for each feed, you can safely have a fresh period that lets you retain old data if an import feed isn't imported on schedule. If the data in your feed is volatile, however, and old data is likely to be wrong, then you might want to set a fresh period that treats data differently if is stale. If a product isn't included in a specific feed, its fresh period isn't reset.

The handling of undefined or stale data is specific to the search sorting rules, promotion rules, and customer segmentation that uses the data.

For customer segmentation, you can use rule operators to include or exclude customers with undefined (or stale) attributes. For search sorting rules, you can define default values to be used in place of stale or missing data when calculating the values of dynamic attributes.

Active Data for Products

The active data for products without activity for 366 days is automatically removed from Salesforce B2C Commerce. If the product resumes activity, the historic active data is gone. Active data for the product starts anew as if it's a new product. This is the default behavior. You must open a ticket with Commerce Cloud Support to change this value.