You can configure sorting rules to rank search results, based on an analysis of active data metrics. The sorted search results appear on result pages. For example, you can import product review data and create rules that show the best rated products at the top of search results. You can also create custom code to show sorted search results in promotional slots.

You can use Business Manager to define customer sorting options and associate them with sorting rules. For example, your storefront might offer sorting options such as Price Low-High and Bestselling, and you can define the rules that set the behavior of these options through Business Manager.

You can also define different sorting rules for specific categories. For example, you might want to sort products with low product availability at the top of the search results in the Clearance section to clear out seasonal items. You can create a new sorting rule based on product availability and assign it as the default category sorting rule for Clearance items.

You should test active data sorting rules on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet your requirements.

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