Add a Certificate to a Proxy Zone and Configure DNS Mapping

To secure your storefront traffic, add certificates to your hostnames and map your origin endpoints.

These instructions are only relevant if you have a proxy zone that you want to add a certificate to. If you don't have any proxy zones, skip this topic.
  1. Select Administration > Sites > Embedded CDN Settings.
  2. Click Certificate for the zone that you’re adding a certificate to.
  3. On the Crypto tab, select the zone from the list.
  4. Click Add Certificate.
  5. Enter the certificate and private key information from your certificate provider.
  6. Select which hostnames you want to assign the certificate to.
  7. Click Upload Certificate.
  8. Log in to your Cloudflare account and map the DNS values from B2C Commerce to Cloudflare. In Cloudflare:
    1. Search for your zone, and select it from the list.
    2. On the DNS tab, locate the hostname that you want to map.
    3. Replace all text after “is an alias of” with the DNS CNAME from Business Manager.
    4. In the Status column, click the cloud until it shows a gray cloud with the tooltip DNS Only.