Create CSFR Whitelists

Configure how your site handles CSRF whitelists.

  1. Select Administration > Global Preferences > Security and select the CSFR Settings tab.
    You can configure two types of CSRF whitelists: whitelists for pairs of pipelines and start nodes, and whitelist for user agents.
  2. To whitelist a pipeline and start node, enter the names of the pipeline and start node in the Add Pipeline/Start Node to Whitelist fields, and click Add Pipeline/Startnode.
    Repeat this step to whitelist additional pipeline/startnode pairs.
  3. To whitelist a user agent, select an instance type from the Instance Type dropdown, enter the name of the user agent in the Add UserAgent to Whitelist field, and click Add UserAgent.
    Repeat this step to whitelist additional user agents.
  4. Click Apply.