Creating a Zone

Before you can create zones, the embedded CDN must be enabled for your Commerce Cloud customer account. When the embedded CDN is enabled, Salesforce B2C Commerce examines the hostname alias files for all of your Development and Production instances, across all of your realms. B2C Commerce then aggregates this information and derives the names of zones by inspecting the hostname entries in your alias files. For example, if the hostname alias file for your Production instance contains an entry for, B2C Commerce can derive the zone You can then create the zone on the Embedded CDN Settings page. After a zone is created, it must be verified.


Zones can't be deleted in the user interface at this time. Contact Commerce Cloud Support if you want to delete a zone.

Before you can create a zone (for example, in the embedded CDN for a given domain, you must register the domain name (for example, at your DNS provider.

To create a zone:

  1. Select Administration > Sites > Embedded CDN Settings > Add Hostnames.
    The Additonal Hostnames slider opens from the right side of the page, showing the names of zones and hostnames (subdomains) that you can add to the Embedded CDN Settings page. If the list is long, you can search for specific zones and hostnames using the search field.
  2. Select a zone in the list and click Create Zone.
    Business Manager adds the zone to the Embedded CDN Settings page, along with a red (Verification needed) link. You can use this link to verify the zone.