Setting A/B Test Preferences

A/B tests still appear as enabled in the A/B testing module (if set to enabled), when these preferences are set to False.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > SitePreferences > A/B Tests.
  2. Select the parameters as follows:
    1. Select the instance type. If you are on a Production instance, only Production is available.
      The instance type is applied immediately. This affects other Business Manager modules with settings that are specific to a selected instance type.
    2. Select True to enable the A/B test in the storefront.
    3. Select True to enable Salesforce B2C Commerce to collect A/B test statistics based on storefront events. Disable this on the Staging instance if you want statistics to be copied from Production nightly and don't want these results.
    4. Select True to enable both the Staging and Production instances to perform a nightly copy of A/B test statistics from Production to Staging.
    5. Select False to disable multiple participation in a single A/B test segment when participation expiration is set to Never. Otherwise, it's possible that the same customer will participate in multiple test segments, biasing the test results.
  3. Click << Back to return to the Site Preferences page.