Site Preferences

Site preferences enable you to control the site behavior of many aspects of Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Note: If you don't have write access, the New and Save buttons are hidden.
Locking You can define product and content asset locking during edits.
A/B Tests You can enable A/B testing and data collection and retrieval.
Currencies You can define allowed currencies.
Gift Certificates You can configure sender name, email, and other details.
Sequence Numbers You can configure sequences to generate numbers that are unique at the site or organization level.
Coupons You can configure coupon code generation preferences, such as including vowels and y, including dashes, and code length.
Storefront Toolkit You can enable or disable the Storefront Toolkit.
Customer Lists You can configure customer list preferences such as the customer number sequence, customer profile retention, and customer login settings.

Custom Preferences

You can configure custom preferences, such as the SiteGenesis Custom Site Preferences.

Privacy You can configure the customer tracking default for new storefront sessions.
Baskets You can configure the standard basket processing of the site, such as basket persistence and lifetime.

You can define which of the active locales are allowed in storefront requests for a particular site.

You must first configure organizational locales.

Source Codes You can configure how B2C Commerce handles source codes, for example URL parameter name and cookie duration in days.
Search Preferences You can configure search settings such as search redirect and search availability settings.
Orders You can configure order settings such as order export delay in days, payment information retention in days, and order storage settings.
Promotions You can configure site promotion settings such as how B2C Commerce applies a Buy X / Get Y (BOGO) product promotion, discount precision, and discount taxation.
Storefront URLs You can enable or disable storefront URLs.

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