Report and Dashboards: Product Detail View

The Product Detail Dashboard shows data and reports for an individual product ID. The dashboard inherits the filter settings made in the Products dashboard. However, you can change the filter for the Product Detail dashboard as needed. For the selected product ID, the dashboard shows:
  • Selling Across: The sites recording sales of the product.
  • Revenue: The product revenue, and the percent of total revenue.
  • # of Orders: The number of product orders, and the percent of total orders.
  • Average Discount: The average discount applied to the product sales.
  • Units: The number of units sold.
  • Average Unit Price: The average price per unit sale.
The following reports and graphs are included in the Product Detail dashboard:
  • Most often purchased With: A ranking of products most often purchased with the product.
  • Variation Products: A ranking of product variations sold.
  • Frequently Applied Promotions: A ranking of promotions applied to purchases of the product.
  • Product Revenue: The product revenue during the date range. The product revenue graph can be shown for Device (default), Site, Customer Type, New vs Returning, and Channel.

Use the following steps to show the Product Detail page.

  1. From the Products dashboard, select a report, and set the product type dropdown to Master Product.
  2. Click the product ID you want to view.
  3. To return to the Product dashboard view, click the Products tab.