Reports and Dashboards: Promotions View

View your site's promotion data.

Note: Click the download icon in the upper right corner of each section to download the data to a .csv file.
  1. Open the Reports and Dashboards portal.
  2. On the main page, click the Promotions header or breadcrumb drop down (Reports & Dashboards > Promotions).

    Promotions analytics shows the following:

    • Most Used Promotions: Ranked based on the times used during the selected date range.
    • Most Used Coupons: Coupons most used during the selected date range.
    • Total Promotion Discount: Occurrence of two products purchased together by a percentage of the total number of orders.
    • Promotion Combination: Shows a total value and the graph for the selected date range.
    • Average Order Discount: Value and graph of the selected date range
    • Orders By Promotion Class: Product, Order, or Shipping
    • Revenue Impact by Promotion Discount: Graphed value
  3. In the Most Used Promotions section, click a Promotion ID to view more details.
    This grid lists by promotion ID, and shows class, uses, and discount in currency.
  4. In the next section, to review the change in discount uses, select the sort value:
    • By Device Web, Phone, Tablet
    • By Registration: Unregistered or Registered
    • By Customer Type: Returning or New
    • By Channel: Storefront or Endless Aisle
    • By Site: One or more sites
  5. In the Promotion Combination section, click a promotion ID for more details
    The grid shows the two products, their classes, and the frequency with which they are sold together.
  6. If needed, you can view data for an individual promotion in the Product Promotion Detail dashboard. See Promotion Detail Dashboard.
    1. From the Promotions dashboard, select a Promotions dashboard report, and click the promotion ID you want to view.