Reports and Dashboards: Traffic

The Traffic reports show data about the visitors to your site. The reports detail the number of visits and the average visit duration, the devices used to access your site, the source of referrers, top IP addresses, top user agents, and top robots.

The Reports are updated daily. All times shown are GMT.

View your site's Traffic data.

Note: Click the download icon in the upper right corner of each section to download the data to a .csv file.
  1. Open the Reports and Dashboards portal.
  2. On the main page, click the Traffic tab.
  3. Select a date range.
  4. Use the Traffic Reports filter options to modify how traffic data is displayed. You can select a single filter or a combination of filters to isolate data from traffic sources.
  5. Review Technical reports.
    • Number of Visits and Visit Duration–The top level report defaults to the Number of visits view. Click Visit duration to toggle the view to visit duration. Use these two reports to review the total number of visits or average length of visit duration for a given day.
    • Visits by Device–Illustrates the total number of visits by device for the report period. Reported devices include desktop, smartphone, tablet, and unknow (any device that does not fit the defined device classes).
    • Top Referrers–Lists the top referrer hosts who led traffic to your storefront. The report includes the source of the referral, and the origin of the referral (where the click came from, for example: a customer on clicks a link to Facebook is the source and is the origin.). The Referrers report also includes the type of referrer (search, social, or general web), and the number of requests, from a source.
    • Top IP Addresses–Shows an overview of the number of visits from the IP address point of view. To anonymize the listed IP addresses, the last octet is masked on each IP address. The report includes both robots and user clients. It is limited to the 10,000 most recently used entries. The report lists the masked IP address, the site (storefront) visited, and the total request from the IP address during the reporting period.
    • Top User Agent–Lists the unique agents (Agent Family) by agent class. The report also shows the total number of requests (Count) from each agent (includes all browsers and excludes known robots) and the percentage of the total count.
    • Top Robots–Shows an overview of the number of unique robots (including only known robots), the robot class, robot family, and the total number of requests from robots. From a business perspective, this report helps you identify which robots are crawling your storefront. This report is limited to the 10,000 most recently used entries.