Copying Categories

You can create new categories that share the same set of products as existing categories. For example, there are two categories, Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance. Though each is in a different place on the site, they have the same set of products. Another example is a top-level category called ROSES. There is also a second-tier category called ROSES that is a sub-category of the FRAGRANT FLOWERS category.

Use the category copy feature if you have created a category structure that you want to duplicate without having to recreate all the sub-categories and search refinement attributes.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Catalogs.
  2. On the Catalogs page, click a catalog ID.
  3. Select the category or categories you want to copy.
  4. Click Copy.
  5. Select the type of copy you want to make. Sub-categories of the current category appear in the center pane.
    • Copy category without product assignments (shallow copy)
    • Copy category with product assignments (copies category and product assignments, but not sub-categories)
    • Copy category and sub-categories without product assignments
    • Copy category and sub-categories with product assignments (deep copy)
  6. Click OK.

    The Batch Processing dialog box opens, with a status line indicating success or failure. See Batch Processing for additional information.

  7. Click <<Back to List.

    The copied categories appear in the list of categories, labeled as copies.

  8. You can now rename the category and ID and change attributes, search refinements and sub-categories.