Creating a Category

Categories enable you to present products in an easy to locate manner in the storefront, define the default attributes associated with a product that is assigned to the category, and organize the products in the Business Manager for your own ease of management.

You can assign products to more than one category. The categories to which you assign products can belong to the same catalog as the product or to a different catalog. For example, a product you define in catalog A can be assigned to a category that has been defined in catalog B.

Important: You must first define a catalog in order to create categories within it.
  1. Select site > Product and Catalogs > Catalogs.
  2. On the Catalogs page, click a catalog ID or name link (for example, site-catalog-en).
  3. On the Categories page, you can:
    • View the list of existing categories, and click New to create a new category.
    • View the list of existing category links, and click Create Link to create a new category link.
    • View the list of products assigned to the category, and click Assign or Unassign to assign or unassign them. Click the Edit link to edit the product's category assignments.
  4. To create a new category in this catalog, click New (in the Categories section).
  5. On the New Category page, enter a name and unique category ID.
    Because the category name appears in the storefront and the category ID appears in the URL, be sure to select search engine friendly values.
    Don't include commas or periods ( , or . ) in your IDs. This can cause limitations elsewhere in the product.
  6. Select the Online flag if you want the category to be visible in the storefront.
  7. Click Apply to save the definition.
  8. Re-index and check how the definition is seen in the storefront before proceeding to another task.
  9. Click <<Back to return to the Category page, which now lists the category you just created.

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