Content Data Administration

When replicating content asset libraries, shared and private libraries appear differently in the Replication Tasks page as follows:

Section on Replication Tasks page... Looks like...
Global section




Site1 section


Content Library

The assignment of libraries to sites is done through the site-level Site Preferences replication task. This makes it possible to create a shared library on Staging, assign it to a siteA on Staging, replicate the library itself, without the site being changed to actually use the library on the production instance.


You can access content asset static files within a library using WebDAV. See the instructions by selecting Administration > Site Development > Development Setup.

The URL is specified as follows:

https://host/on/demandware.servlet/webdav/Sites/Libraries/[Site name]

The value after /Libraries/ is interpreted as either a site ID or a shared library ID. If it's a site ID, the URL references the private library of the specified site. If not, then Salesforce B2C Commerce attempts to find a shared library with that ID. If the value is neither, the operation fails.

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