Creating a Shared Library

You must have the appropriate permission to create and delete shared libraries. See Content Libraries, the Permissions section.
  1. Select Administration > Sites > Content Libraries.

    If you see unavailable fields, you have read-only permission. You can browse libraries, search for content assets, and read content asset data. But you can't modify data in these modules. If you have mixed permission to access one module (via different roles), the higher level access is granted. See your administrator if you require write access.

    Due to the hierarchy of libraries, library folders, and content assets, roles with Read or Write access for libraries require the same access level for library folders and content assets.

  2. On the Libraries page, click New or a library Edit link.
  3. On the Library page General tab, enter or edit the information and click Apply:
When the Library page General tab reappears showing the Site Assignments section, you can now assign a site to your library.