Viewing the Audit Log in Control Center

The audit log records all actions performed in Control Center, regardless of which user performs the action. However, depending on your permissions, you might not be able to see all entries in the log.

If your Account Manager role is Control Center Administrator, you can see all actions in your organization. If your Account Manager role is Control Center User, you can see actions that are performed against instances you're currently permitted to work with (determined by the administrator).

The audit log is visualized as a list of log entries:

Each collapsed entry in the list contains information about the date and time the action is taken, the type of action taken, the object acted upon, and the performer of the action. Each expanded entry provides additional details about which values were changed.

When viewing the audit log, you can apply filters to refine the view. The available filters are:

To view the audit log, perform the following steps.

  1. Login to Control Center:
    The Control Center window opens.
  2. Click Audit Log.
    The Audit Log view opens.
  3. (Optional) Specify one or more filters and filter values.
Control Center shows entries that match all of your specified filters.