Customer Service Center Hooks

Because Customer Service Center uses Shop API, you can use Shop API hooks to customize Customer Service Center.

Find an Order

Customer Service Center Function Resource Shop API Hooks
Search orders
POST /order_search
Note: The Created On (From) and Created On (To) search filter criteria have been consolidated into one search filter criteria, Created On, which can define a date range. Previously, the two separate search filter criteria were required to filter a date range.

Open an order

GET /orders/{order_no}

Add a note

POST /orders/{order_no}/notes

Create a New Order

Customer Service Center Function Resource Shop API Hooks
New order

POST /baskets

GET /baskets/{basket_id}

Set Customer PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/customer

Set Billing Address PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/billing_address

Set Shipping Address PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/shipments/{shipment_id}/shipping_address

Add Product POST /baskets/{basket_id}/items

Update Product Item (such as quantity and custom properties PATCH /baskets/{basket_id}/items/{item_id}

Remove a product item DELETE /baskets/{basket_id}/items/{item_id}

Set shipping method PUT /baskets/{basket_id}/shipments/{shipment_id}/shipping_method

Add Coupon POST /baskets/{basket_id}/coupons
Remove Coupon DELETE /baskets/{basket_id}/coupons/{coupon_item_id}

Add Price Adjustment POST /baskets/{basket_id}/price_adjustments

Delete Price Adjustment DELETE /baskets/{basket_id}/price_adjustments/{price_adjustment_id}

Submit Basket POST /orders

Get Payment Methods

GET /baskets/{basket_id}/payment_methods (first payment selection)

GET /orders/{order_no}/payment_methods

Add Payment Instrument POST /orders/{order_no}/payment_instruments

Note: For payment integration, use dw.order.hooks.PaymentHooks



Delete Payment Instrument DELETE /orders/{order_no}/payment_instruments/{payment_instrument_id}

Guide all basket resources

Find Customers

Customer Service Center Function Resource Shop API Hooks
View Customer GET /customers/{customer_id}
Edit Customer PATCH /customers/{customer_id}

Create a new Customer POST /customers

Reset Password POST /customers/password_reset

Create new Address POST /customers/{customer_id}/addresses
Note: In order for the customer password reset to trigger sending the email, you have to implement the AfterPost hook.

Edit Address PATCH /customers/{customer_id}/addresses/{address_name}

Delete Address DELETE /customers/{customer_id}/addresses/{address_name}

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