Creating a New Order in Customer Service Center

To be able to use Customer Service Center, you must have been granted permission.

  1. Select site >Merchant Tools > Ordering > Customer Service Center.
  2. Select Create an Order.
  3. Click Set Customer, enter a portion or all of the customer's name, select the customer, and click Set Customer.
    1. To specify an unregistered customer, a customer name is not entered. Note that there is no email address for an unregistered customer.
      Note that customization to your site may be required before the basket is submitted if your orders:
      • require an email address and a customer name was not entered.
      • require a customer name according to your business rules.
    2. To change the customer for the order, click the pen icon in the customers area.
    3. To find a customer, click Search.
    4. To create an order for a guest, click Guest Order.
      A guest refers to an order that includes an email address but not a customer name.
    5. To register a customer, click Register.
  4. In Bill To, click Please Select, select the name and address. Alternatively, you can click New Address and enter the information.
    There is an icon next to addresses that are in the address book. Addresses that are not in the address book don't appear with an icon.
  5. Enter the item ID, name, or click Add Product, enter a search term, specify the order to show the results, and select the item.
    The product details appear in the customer's preferred locale's language.
  6. Select the product variation or option, if applicable.
  7. Select the quantity. Note the availability of the item, including whether an item is on backorder or can be preordered.
  8. (optional) To override the price of the item, click the price and enter the new price and reason for the override.
  9. Select the shipping address. You can specify the shipping address as the billing address.
  10. Select the shipping method. (If a shipping method is no longer applicable it appears. To submit the order, you must select a different shipping method.)
    The list of applicable shipping methods is loaded in the customer's preferred locale. If a customer doesn't have a preferred locale, the site's locale is used.
  11. (optional) To ship an item in the order to a different address:
    1. Drag the product to the area below the existing shipment.
    2. If the quantity of the product you are dragging is greater than one, select the number of items to include in the new shipment and click Move.
    3. Select the shipping address for the new shipment.
  12. (optional) To override the shipping price, click the price and enter the new price and reason for the override.
  13. (optional) Enter a coupon code or a source code.
    Based on your configuration, the field accepts only source codes, only coupon codes, or both.
  14. Click Submit Order.
  15. Select the payment method and enter payment information.
    Customer Service Center cannot accept an order payment of zero without a payment tender attached. A tender enables the use of multiple payment types on the same order. Such a situation could occur when a shopper receives a wrong or damaged item and a replacement item is sent to a shopper without any payment required. The payment tender can be handled in one of two ways:
    • Apply a payment to the shopper's payment method with an amount of zero, or
    • Create a new tender type that would only be used by Customer Service Center. Then, apply a payment to this new tender type with an amount of zero. Note that the payment provider must be aware of this tender type so the order can be processed without an authorization or capture transaction.
  16. To specify multiple payment methods:
    1. Select the first payment type.
    2. Enter the amount to pay and the payment type information.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Add Payment.
    5. Select the second payment type.
    6. Specify the amount to pay and the payment type information.
    7. Repeat until the entire amount has been paid and the message Success. Order has been placed. appears.
  17. (optional) To override the price of the entire order, click the price and enter the new price and reason for the override.
  18. (optional) To remove a price override, click it.