Finding, Creating, and Editing a Customer in Customer Service Center

To be able to use Customer Service Center, you must have been granted permission.

  1. Select site >Merchant Tools > Ordering > Customer Service Center.
  2. Click Find Customer.
  3. To create a customer, click Create Customer and enter the required information.
  4. To find a customer, enter a portion of the customer's name.
  5. (optional) To filter by customer number, first name, last name, email, company name, or phone click the Filter icon.
  6. To create a new order for the customer, click New Order next to the customer's name and enter or select the information to create a new order.
    Order number length can't be more than 50 characters.
  7. To edit the customer name, email, whether the customer is enabled, or preferred locale, click Edit Customer.
  8. To reset the customer's password, click Reset Password.
  9. To view a customer's orders, click the Order History tab.
    The customer's order history across sites appears.
  10. To view the customer's baskets, click the Baskets tab.
  11. To delete a customer basket, click the trash can icon beside the basket.
  12. To see a customer's addresses, click the Addresses tab.
  13. To remove a customer's address, click the trash can icon beside the address.
  14. To edit a customer's address, click the address ID.
  15. To create a new address for the customer, click New Address.
  16. To browse the related storefront on behalf of the customer, click Storefront.