Setting Permissions for Customer Service Center

To be able to use Customer Service Center, you must have been granted permission; the following permissions must be granted to a Customer Service Representative:

  1. Select Administration > Organization > Roles & Permissions > role.
  2. Click the Business Manager modules tab.
  3. Select your site.
  4. Enable the following permissions:
    • Orders
    • Customer Service Center
  5. Click the Functional Permissions tab.
  6. Select your site.
  7. Enable the following permissions:
    • Adjust_Item_Price
    • Adjust_Shipping_Price
    • Adjust_Order_Price
    • Delete_Order_Note
    • Create_Order_On_Behalf_Of
    • Search_Orders
    See Assigning Price Adjustment Limits for details on setting manual price adjustments for a specific role. See Business Manager Functional Permissions for information on permissions that restrict permissions for a specific role.
  8. Click the Locale Permissions tab.
  9. Check locales to enable them, uncheck to disable them for this role.
  10. Click Apply.