Creating Customer Lists

To create customer lists you must have permission to access the Administration > Sites > Customer Lists module.

  1. On Staging, select Administration > Sites > Customer Lists.
  2. Click New.
  3. On the New Customer List page, enter an ID for the new list.
  4. Click Apply to create a new customer list.
  5. On the customerList page, General tab:
    1. Enter or change the description.
    2. Specify the Customer Number Sequence.
      Salesforce recommends that you select Unique per Organization. The format used for this sequence number is set on the Global Preferences Sequence Numbers page.
    3. Configure Customer Profile Retention.
      This is the number of days Salesforce B2C Commerce stores a customer profile (1-99,999). Profiles are automatically removed for customers who have not visited the site within the specified number of days. Leave it blank if customer profiles should never be purged from B2C Commerce.
    4. Configure Customer Login Settings:
      • Customer Lockout Enabled: Enable/disable automatic lockout of customer after a set number of failed login attempts.
      • Maximum Invalid Login Attempts: The number of consecutive incorrect logins after which a customer account is temporarily disabled (1-200).
      • Lockout Effective Period: The time period after which a locked out customer can login again.
      • Login Attempt Reset Time: The time period after which the count of invalid login attempts is reset to 0.
      • Minimum Password Length: Minimum number of characters required for a valid password.
      • Minimum Password Special Characters: Minimum number of special characters ($%/()[]{}=?!.,-_*|+~#) required for a valid password.
      • Password Must Contain Letters: Enforces letters within passwords, optionally enforces a mix of lower and upper case letters.
      • Password Must Contain Numbers: True or False.
      • Passwords Expire In: The period after which a password expires. The default is Never.
      • Password Reset Tokens Expire In: The period after which a password reset token expires. This can also be configured in customer list imports via the header attribute max-password-reset-token-age.
        Note: changes to this setting are not automatically reflected in the customer password reset email text in the SiteGenesis application. This email contains a hard-coded expiration time of 30 minutes. You must update the email template manually.
    5. Click Apply.
  6. On the customerList page, Site Assignments tab:
    1. Select a site to configure a customer list for that site.
    2. Click Apply.
  7. On the customerList page, Customers tab, you can delete customers from the list.
  8. Click Apply and <<Back to List.
  9. On the Customer Lists page, view the new list.