CreateCustomer This pipelet creates a new Customer using the supplied Login (i.e.
CreateCustomerAddress This pipelet creates a new Address, of the type specified by AddressID, for the specified Customer.
CreateCustomerPaymentInstrument Creates a persistent CustomerPaymentInstrument for the specified Customer.
FinalizeOAuthLogin This pipelet works in tandem with the InitiateOAuthLogin pipelet.
GenerateResetPasswordToken Generate a random token that can be used for resetting the password of the passed Customer.
GetCustomer Returns the customer for the specified login name.
GetCustomerAddress Returns an existing Address, of the type specified by AddressID, which belongs to the supplied Customer.
GetCustomerPaymentInstruments Return the set of stored PaymentInstruments for the specified Customer.
InitiateOAuthLogin This pipelet works in tandem with other pipelets (FinalizeOAuthLoginXX).
LoginAgentUser Login an agent user, which is authorized to login on-behalf of a customer for instance to place an order.
LoginCustomer This pipelet authenticates the current session using the supplied Login and Password.
LoginOnBehalfCustomer This pipelet logs the specified customer into the current session if the current agent user has the functional permission 'Login_On_Behalf' in the current site.
LogoutAgentUser Performs a logout of the agent user and the current customer.
LogoutCustomer Logs out the customer currently logged into the storefront.
RemoveCustomer Logs out the supplied customer and deletes the customer record.
RemoveCustomerAddress Removes the supplied Address.
RemoveCustomerPaymentInstrument Permanently removes the specified PaymentInstrument from the customer's profile.
ResetCustomerPassword Generates a random Password and assigns it to the supplied Customer.
ResetCustomerPasswordWithToken Set the password of the specified customer to the specified value.
SetCustomerPassword Assign the specified Password to the specified Customer profile, validates old password if verifyOldPassword flag is true while assigning password and the pipelet exits with an ERROR if the old Password is not valid.
ValidateResetPasswordToken Validate that the passed token created by a previous call to GenerateResetPasswordToken is valid.
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