Administration Data Replication

These tables map Business Manager Administration modules to data replication tasks.

Table 1. Organization
Business Manager Module Replication Task Scope
Organization Profile N/A N/A
Users N/A N/A
Roles & Permissions N/A N/A
WebDAV Client Permissions WebDAV Client Permissions Global
Table 2. Sites
Business Manager Module Replication Task Scope
Manage Sites Sites Global
Customer Lists Customer Lists Global
Content Libraries
  • Content Library (site-specific)
  • Libraries (shared)
  • Content Library: Site
  • Libraries: Global
Batch Processes N/A N/A
Embedded CDN Settings    
Table 3. Site Development
Business Manager Module Replication Task Scope
Development Setup N/A N/A
Code Deployment N/A (see Code Replication) N/A
System Object Types N/A N/A
Custom Object Types Custom Object Types Global
Custom Error Pages N/A N/A
Custom Maintenance Pages N/A N/A
Deprecated API Usage N/A N/A
Import & Export N/A N/A
Site Import & Export N/A N/A
Open Commerce API Settings OCAPI Settings Global
Customer Service Center Settings CSC Settings Global
Table 4. Global Preferences
Business Manager Module Replication Task Scope
Locales Preferences Global
Instance Time Zone Preferences Global
Change History    
OAuth2 Providers OAuth Providers Global
Security Preferences Global
Store Locator Data Geolocations Global
Page Meta Tags Preferences Global
Feature Switches    
Order Search Preferences Site
Sequence Numbers Preferences Global
Retention Settings    
Import & Export N/A N/A
Global Timeouts    
Custom Preferences Preferences Global
Commerce Cloud Einstein Data Privacy Agreement N/A N/A
Analytics N/A N/A
Table 5. Operations
Business Manager Module Replication Task Scope
Job Schedules N/A N/A
Job History N/A N/A
Job Schedules (deprecated) N/A N/A
Job History (deprecated) N/A N/A
Job Statistics N/A N/A
Import & Export N/A N/A
GMV Reports N/A N/A
Custom Log Settings N/A N/A
Code Profiler N/A N/A
Pipeline Profiler N/A N/A
Quota Status N/A N/A
Change History N/A N/A
Encryption Keys N/A N/A
Private Keys and Certificates N/A N/A
Service Status N/A N/A
IP Address Geolocation Data N/A N/A
Predictive Intelligence    

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