Verify a Data Replication

You can verify the result of a data replication process.

Select Administration > Replication > Data Replication to view a list of all data replication processes and their statuses.

Data replication processes are included in Salesforce B2C Commerce logs. Select Administration > Site Development > Development Setup, click the Log Files link, and look for staging logs.

  1. On the staging instance, monitor the process job status. If the job fails, review the staging logs at https://[staging_instance_name]/on/demandware.servlet/webdav/Sites/Logs. Note that a single staging log can contain several days worth of events.
  2. Look for the beginning of the replication process in the logs. It has a timestamp similar to that of the data replication task.

    The following is an example of a log entry.

    [2007-01-15 21:17:12.848 GMT] ISH-CORE-2250: New replication task "1168895828901" in domain "Sites-Site" successfully created.

    • Scroll through the log file, which contains the steps of the process, such as gathering stats for all tables.

      [2007-01-15 21:27:06.602 GMT] ISH-CORE-2070: SQL (64ms, rows=1): begin dbms_stats.gather_table_stats(user, 'PRODUCTOPTION_AV$1', method_opt => 'for all indexed columns', cascade => TRUE); end;

    • The logs show how rsync prepared the source file system directories for copying to the target instance.

      2007-01-15 21:27:08.317 GMT] StagingGroup: Site specific content search index (Relative directory: search/content)

      [2007-01-15 21:27:08.317 GMT] ISH-CORE-2486: Synchronize Files of unit 'Sites-customer-Site' in site 'Sites-customer-Site' to exchange directory at '/remote/aaas/staging/stg'.

      [2007-01-15 21:27:08.318 GMT] Executing command: /build/2.0.0/system/bin/ /remote/aaas/aaas_stg/sharedata/sites/Sites-Customer-Site/1 /search/content/ /remote/aaas/staging/stg/Sites-Customer-Site/search/content/ ()

      [2007-01-15 21:27:08.402 GMT] rsync debug (/usr/bin/rsync -tr --delete /remote/aaas/aaas_stg/sharedata/sites/Sites-Customer-Site/1 /search/content/ /remote/aaas/staging/stg/Sites-Customer-Site/search/content/)

      [2007-01-15 21:27:08.476 GMT] ISH-CORE-1956: Files in path 'search/content' of site 'Sites-Customer-Site' are successfully prepared

  3. The final step on the staging instance is a hand-off to the target server. The staging log should have a line similar to this one.

    [2007-01-15 21:27:09.783 GMT] Staging pipeline in live system successfully called.

    If the success message is missing, look for an error similar to the following.

    ISH-CORE-2491: Setting state of process with uuid='dC8KAANna1111EOTN9h9md4' from 'StartingStagingProcess' to 'ErrorAcquiringEditingLocks

    If this staging error occurred, do the following.

    1. In Control Center, stop and restart the target instance. Then stop and restart the staging instance.
    2. Repeat the data replication process with the same parameters.
  4. If the staging instance log shows no errors, examine the staging log on the target instance.


  5. The target instance's staging logs start with a message like this. Find the entry for this process.

    2007-01-15 20:29:30.321 GMT] Copy staging process with uuid=bcFvkiaalTMxM444667bVYFqBX[2007-01-15 20:29:32.347 GMT] Starting [email protected] (

  6. Depending on which data was replicated, the log has an entry for the start of the database copy. Check for errors.


    [2007-01-15 20:30:20.665 GMT] ISH-CORE-2070: SQL (369ms, rows=0): TRUNCATE TABLE CATALOGSITEASSIGNMENT$1 REUSE STORAGE

    [2007-01-15 20:30:20.769 GMT] ISH-CORE-2070: SQL (100ms, rows=1): INSERT /*+ APPEND */ INTO CATALOGSITEASSIGNMENT$1

  7. After the copy, the log shows the switch from the $2 temp table to the $1 source table. Errors here may indicate a problem with this last step.

    [2007-01-15 20:35:43.935 GMT] ISH-CORE-2300: <dbms_output> Switching synonym PRODUCT_AV from PRODUCT_AV$2 to PRODUCT_AV$1...

  8. If the process finished successfully, the following message appears at the end of the logs.

    [2007-01-15 21:31:17.434 GMT] ReplicationPublication process finished with state 'StagingProcessCompleted'.

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