Commerce Cloud Einstein

Commerce Cloud Einstein is an artificial intelligence-powered tool for product recommendations and predictive sort that customizes and sorts search results based on a shopper's likelihood to engage with the product results.

Commerce Cloud uses a shared view of customer, order, product, inventory, and promotion data across all channels and solutions, including both Salesforce B2C Commerce and in-store interactions. By capturing this data from across the entire community of users, Salesforce aggregates it for benchmarking and analysis.

Einstein Configurator

Manage Site Recommendations, Commerce Insights, and explore Einstein Labs.

Site Recommendations predicts the most relevant products to promote to each individual shopper based on your recommendation specifications.

Commerce Insights captures shopper, order, and product data and displays products that are most commonly purchased together.

Einstein Labs allows you to test experimental product ideas.

Product Recommendations

Create a personalized customer experience for each visitor to your site. These personalized recommendations, based on leading-edge data science, maximize conversion rates and increase average order value. This solution works along with B2C Commerce's rules-based Active MerchandisingĀ®.
Note: Commerce Cloud Einstein does not support email recommendations at this time.

Predictive Sort

Use predictive intelligence powered by Salesforce Einstein within Commerce Cloud search. The personalized product sorting of Predictive Sort enables you to deliver more tailored and relevant search results to shoppers by incorporating multiple data point.

Predictive Sort supports explicit searches (search field), implicit searches (browsing in the storefront catalog), and product search suggestions.

Search Dictionaries

Manage your search dictionaries to optimize your search results using artificial intelligence. Automatically detecting relationships between search terms and generating search recommendations drives better search experiences for the customer.

Search Recommendations

By using various data points, Einstein serves "Recent User Search Phrases", "Popular & Trending Search Phrases" and "Personalized Auto-correction & Term-completion" as desired.

Commerce Cloud Einstein Data Privacy Agreement

Note: By enabling this feature, you consent to contributing your search dictionary data to a shared database for the purposes of providing recommendations to other customers who have also consented to contributing to the shared database. Salesforce represents and warrants that it will not disclose your search dictionary data to any other customer in identifiable form. You further acknowledge that Salesforce may access your search dictionary data submitted to Commerce Cloud for the purpose of training and improving the Einstein Search Dictionary and any other of our current and future similar or related features, products and/or services.

To contribute your search dictionary data to the shared database:

  1. Select site > Administration > Global Preferences > Einstein Data Privacy Agreement.
  2. Select I accept these terms and conditions, and click Save.

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