Create a Recommender

When you create a product recommender, you specify the type of recommendation and the strategy you want to use. You can also add rules to fine-tune the recommendation.

  1. On the Configurator home page, click the Site Recommendations tab.
  2. From the Sites Recommendations page, click New Recommender.
    1. Name the recommender.
      Use only letters, hyphens, and underscores, up to 100 characters. Spaces are not allowed.
      Note: After creating a recommender, you can't change its name.
    2. Choose a recommender type.
    3. Click OK.
  3. Configure the general settings.
  4. Add up to three strategies.
    1. Select a strategy.
    2. Select a category to filter with, if necessary.
    3. Click Add Strategy.
    4. Use the arrows to order the strategies. To remove a strategy, click the trashcan icon.
  5. (Optional) Add up to 30 rules to fine-tune which recommendations shoppers see.
    1. Click Add Rule.
    2. Select an action, criteria, and values.
    3. Use the arrows to order the rules. To remove a rule, click the trashcan icon.
  6. Preview your recommender before saving by selecting categories.
  7. Click Save.
    After you create a site recommendation, it is added to your list of recommendations. You can clone and delete listed recommendations and view recommendation history.
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