Commerce Insights

Commerce Cloud Einstein Commerce Insights captures shopper, order, and product data and displays products that are most commonly purchased together.

Use the dashboard to discover which other products are most often purchased with a specific product. You can also drill into products based on a date range and explore metrics, such as product-specific sales and top co-purchase categories.

Commerce Insights captures the order and product feeds daily, but you can change the frequency.

The report loads the previous week’s data (Sunday to Saturday of the previous calendar week). You can view insights up to the past 30 days.
Note: Product images are not cached, so if a product is out of stock or no longer offered, you could receive a missing image notification.

Review a Product in the Dashboard

Each row shows a single product and the top products purchased in the same basket.

  1. To view product details, click an item.
    Product Drilldown provides information about the baskets in which an item is purchased.

    The Commonly Bought With table shows how many products by category were purchased with the item over the selected time range. You can also see the frequency with which the product was purchased in a basket of a certain size.

  2. To return to the Commerce Insights landing page, click Commerce Insights.
    Note: Clicking anywhere in the breadcrumb path brings you back to that page.

Configure an Insight Report

You can create custom reports from the information in the dashboard.

  1. On the Commerce Insights page, select a category.
    The report uses the catalog feed’s category hierarchy, which is defined in Business Manager.
    Note: The report displays the top 50 items. To narrow down results or display specific items, navigate through specific categories.
  2. Select a date range to report on.

    The default is the previous week’s data from Sunday to Saturday.

    Note: If data is missing, the orange icon provides details.
  3. Select a metric to sort your data.
    • Baskets—The collection of all online purchases submitted by a uniquely identified customer within a calendar day (12:00 AM ET to 11:59 PM ET).
    • Sales—The online sales amount, excluding shipping and taxes, in the site’s default locale currency. The number does not include returned items or products purchased through other channels.
    • Units—The net sales units aggregated by product.