4 Forms Tutorial: Add Localizable Text Messages

You now need to update these properties files with localizable messages that are referenced as follows:
Properties file Referenced by file
forms.properties form definition form.preferences.xml (see step 1)
account.properties template account.accountoverview.isml (see step 2)
user.properties   user.editpreferences.isml (see step 3)
  1. Add the following to the forms.properties file after the forms.profile entries:



    forms.preferences.003=Receive Monthly Newsletter

  2. Add the following to the account.properties file after the account.accountoverview entries:

    account.accountoverview.104=Show or update your personal preferences

    account.accountoverview.105=Personal Preferences

    account.accountoverview.106=Show or update your personal preferences

    account.accountoverview.107=Personal Preferences

    account.accountoverview.108=Show or update your personal preferences

  3. Add the following to the user.properties file after the user.profile entries:

    user.editpreferences.001=Edit Your Preferences

    user.editpreferences.002=your preferences

    user.editpreferences.003=What products are you interested in?

    user.editpreferences.004=Information Feeds