Creating Gift Certificates

You can create gift certificates, one by one, using Business Manager. Remember that gift certificates are created and managed in the Production environment; you don't stage gift certificates.

Whether or not a gift certificate can be redeemed depends on its status and whether or not it's enabled. This table shows the various ways you can configure gift certificates:

Status Description Enabled=True Enabled=False
Pending an existing, unredeemable gift certificate NO NO
Issued A gift certificate has been created REDEEMABLE NO
Partially Redeemed   REDEEMABLE NO
Redeemed   NO NO
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Gift Certificates.
    You can right-click links on this grid to perform standard actions such as opening the selection in a new tab or window.
  2. On the Gift Certificates page, click New.
  3. On the New Gift Certificate page, enter the required information and click Apply.

    System generated gift certificate code are 16 characters and alpha-numeric. Salesforce B2C Commerce supports legacy ten-character codes for backward compatibility.

  4. To return to the Gift Certificate page, click Back to List.
    The new gift certificate is created with an incremented Merchant ID, as configured in Site Preferences.
  5. To view the list of gift certificates, click Find.
  6. Use the menu at the end of the row to edit or delete a coupon.
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