Masking Gift Certificate Codes

The gift certificate code is sensitive data and must not be shown to anyone other than the recipient within Business Manager, the Storefront, and when importing or exporting. Salesforce B2C Commerce provides a masking mechanism that shows the last 4 digits/characters of a gift certificate code and masks all others with an asterisk.

These are some examples:

Clear Text Masked
00000001 ****0001
1F4T 1F4T

Using API methods, your application can access the gift certificate code whether it's masked or in clear text. The gift certificate Gift Certificate Code Masked site preference controls whether to export codes in clear text or masked.

The following table describes when the gift certificate code appears in clear text or masked:

Context Presentation
The email sent to the recipient after the gift certificate was created (so that the recipient can use the gift certificate code). Clear Text
Gift certificate list page in Business Manager Masked
Gift certificate detail page in Business Manager Masked
Order management pages in Business Manager Masked
Checkout redemption page in the storefront Clear Text
Basket checkout page in the storefront once the gift certificate has been redeemed on the payment page. Masked
Order history page in Business Manager Masked
Gift certificate export Masked

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