Configuring Google Pay in Business Manager

To be able to configure Google Pay in Business Manager, the feature must have been enabled for the merchant in Business Manager.
  1. Select Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Google Pay.
  2. Select the Commerce Cloud environment that you want to configure (Production, Staging, Development).
  3. Check Payment Request Enabled?.
  4. Enter your Google Pay Merchant ID.
  5. Specify whether to use the Google test environment.
  6. Select the Requested Data: Payer Name, Payer Email, Payer Phone, or Shipping.
    These indicate what data the merchant is requesting from the shopper to receive as part of the transaction.
  7. Select whether to enable Redirect Pages to HTTPS.
    Because pages where the Google Pay button appears must be served via HTTPS, it might be necessary to redirect certain pages on your site. Only pages that don't contain "sc.html" in the URL can be redirected using HTTPS redirection. Because of this, enabling HTTPS redirection might not result in the Google Pay button appearing on all the pages you expect it should.
  8. Click Choose File to select a *.pem public key.
  9. Click Upload to upload the public key.
  10. Click Submit.
    After you click Submit, a domain name appears in the Registration section. If you don't have an alias registered, a domain similar to one of the following appears:

    If you do have an alias registered, the domain is similar to