Google Pay Integration into Commerce Cloud Digital Processes

Payments made using Google Pay will be processed in the usual manner through a merchant's PSP.

Use of Google Pay makes no changes to fullfilment, customer service, and the like. The merchant will continue to own the relationship with the customer, including all aspects of fullfilment, customer service, and the like. just as they would with any order from their site.

Use of Google Pay makes no changes to the way returns are handled. Questions about orders or returns will be handled by the merchant’s business. The PSPs will provide all transaction information needed for returns the same as it is for all other transactions.

As long as the merchant continues to use the same PSP, no changes are required to their order management system or the payment settlement process.

The existing Digital storefront capabilities or integrations will be used for shipping and tax calculations. If the merchant uses Digital tax tables, for example, these will work “out of the box” after enabling Google Pay.

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