Migrating from Android Pay to Google Pay

Our Google Pay implementation is backwards compatible with working implementations of Android Pay, except that the hook dw.extensions.paymentrequest.getPaymentRequest is not called in legacy Android Pay implementations. While you do not need to replace your

  1. Replace your <isandroidpay></isandroidpay> tags with <ispaymentrequest></ispaymentrequest> tags in your PDP, mini-cart, or cart. When PaymentRequest.canMakePayment is true, this tag is shown as a Google Pay button.
  2. In Business Manager the Google Pay with Payment Request page:
    • Enable and configure the feature.
    • Upload a public key.
  3. Set up a device with Google Pay and add a card.
  4. To see the button, view the site:
    • at an https:// URL.
    • with a valid certificate.
      Note: Self-signed certificates that require you to click through a THIS IS UNSAFE screen show the Google Pay button, but checkout is not possible.
    • on Chrome for Android.
    Note: The button does not show up on Chrome Desktop.