Dynamic Imaging Service

Instead of uploading a catalog with different-sized images, Dynamic Imaging Service (DIS) uses the high-resolution images already stored in Commerce Cloud. These images are used to size, crop, overlay, format, and set quality for the images by changing some transformation parameters for your design templates. New images appear according to the parameters you provide.


You have a storefront website with a product catalog of 100,000 items. Your web design supports images up to 150x150 pixels, which display four images per row of the customer's search results. Your web designer creates a different layout, and now product searches display only three images sized 250x250 pixels per row.

Dynamic Imaging Service Transformations

DIS can transform files up to 10 MB. The transformation output is up to 6 MB. Images can only be scaled down. The smallest scaled and cropping image size supported is 10x10 pixels.
Note: Firefox users—When Tracking Protection is on, the browser blocks the salesforce.com domains used for first-time transformations. To not block images, go to the Firefox Privacy settings, and change Tracking Protection to Never.
DIS can perform multiple operations to create images from high-resolution sources. Transformations are done in the following order.
  1. Image Scale--Generates a scaled image with a locked aspect ratio.
  2. Image Crop--Generates an image that contains a cropped area taken from a larger image.
  3. Image Overlay--Generates an image that overlays another image at a given position.
  4. Image Format--Generates JPG and PNG images with a different format than the original image.
  5. Image Quality--Generates a JPG image that you can modify using the quality attribute. The default JPG quality is 80%.

You can configure the DIS by using an API or hand-coding URLs.

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