Working with Image Variants

There are four standard view types (large, medium, small, and swatch). Each product can be represented by multiple images per view type.

You define variation attributes for variation masters by navigating to site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products > product > Variations tab.

You define image settings for the storefront catalog by navigating to site > Products and Catalogs > Catalogs > catalog > Edit > Image Settings tab.

See Configuring Variation Attributes for Image Assignment.

The product variation attribute value (for example, "red") is used to identify the images of the "red" variation product.

Note: Images can only be assigned to the master product, not to the variation product itself. The variation instance can be still called to retrieve images and Salesforce B2C Commerce will then do an automatic look up with the matching product variation attribute value, for example, with the color code.

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