A/B Test Object Import/Export

Use abtest.xsd to import and export A/B tests. You can manually import or export A/B test configurations in Online Marketing > Import & Export, or you can include them in Site Import/Export. You can export A/B test results from the test results page in .csv format for later analysis, typically within a spreadsheet application.

When using the abtest.xsd schema, all A/B test child elements are optional. This is to allow support for different import modes. You might want to run an UPDATE mode import to update certain attributes of an A/B test, but don't want other attributes of the test to be affected. Or you might want to run a DELETE mode import, where you only specify the ID of the A/B test to be deleted. In both cases, the elements that are not relevant can be omitted from the file.

The <participation> element supports a replace semantic. In UPDATE or MERGE modes, this element can be omitted so that the related attributes of an A/B test remains unchanged. If the element is provided, its contents must be provided in their entirety. For example, if there is a <participation> element, it must also contain the <trigger> and <expiration> elements.

Business Manager Import Location

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