Best Practices for Import/Export

If possible, for non-catalog feeds, create import feeds that only contain the differences between the current and previous feed. These are referred to as delta feeds. Such feeds are usually smaller and quicker to import and are less vulnerable to network interruptions.

If you want to create a delta catalog feed, be aware that you can't include fields that replace the global import mode with a field-specific import mode. For example, it isn't possible to create a delta feed for a bundled product, because the bundled-products field always uses a REPLACE semantic.

Because feeds can't be rolled back, it's best practice to archive at least the last feed, so that an older version can be reimported if the new feed can't be validated. However, Salesforce B2C Commerce doesn't automatically clean out archives. You must clean out archived files. Contact customer support for a demonstration cartridge for cleaning out archived files.