Cache Settings Object Import/Export

Business Manager Import Location

Cache settings are usually replicated instead of imported, because a full page cache invalidation must occur before they take effect. The cache settings import always uses a replace semantic. This means that any partition definitions not included in the import are deleted.
Note: After import, the cache for all partitions is invalidated.

Granularity: page cache partition configurations, static cache time to live value per instance, and whether the page cache is enabled per instance.

Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export



Schema Elements

This section describes the elements in the cache-settings.xsd and considerations when creating values for them

Element: Settings

The settings element sets the static cache time to live and page cache enablement flag. For example:

Element: Page-Cache-Partitions

The page-cache-partitions element specifies the configuration of page cache partitions. A maximum of 10 pipelines can be specified. For example:
        <page-cache-partition partition-id="partition0">