Creating Data Files for Import

When the data structure and scope is understood and documented, you must map how to translate existing data into the Salesforce B2C Commerce format; and how to export the data from the B2C Commerce environment back into the customer's environment. To achieve this:

Import File Specification

  1. Use the B2C Commerce schema as a starting point for building your file specification (download from B2C Commerce XChange).
  2. Export the file from the Reference Application to see a sample export file.

Transfer/Import Process

Identify the number of feeds required. For each data feed, determine:

Consider how this process impacts and relates to other processes, such as staging and indexing. The goal is to build a repeatable and reusable process that can be used to transform a merchant data file into the B2C Commerce XML file format. You should be able to run the process via a schedule or on-demand via the Business Manager.