Customer List Object Import/Export

The customerlist2.xsd contains the meta information and security preferences of the list itself, and all the customers. Each file represents one customer list if you perform a site export and select all the lists. Each file is named for the list itself, for example, SiteGenesis.xml for the SiteGenesis customer list.

The XML format for customer lists, customerlist2.xsd, is similar to the previous customerlist.xsd with added customer.xsd data. Site assignments to a customer list are imported as a site preference, similar to catalog, inventory list and price book assignments. The same customers are exported for all sites assigned to the same customer list.

Assignments between customer lists and customers are exported as part of customergroup.xsd. See the schemas for additional details.

Business Manager Import Location

site > Merchant Tools > Customers > Import & Export > Customer Lists

site > Administration > Site Development > Site Import/Export > Customer Lists




Granularity: customer list

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