Assigning an Inventory List to a Site

You can assign an inventory list to one or more sites. A site can be assigned to only one inventory list.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Inventory Lists.

    If you see unavailable fields, you have read-only permission. You can search for inventory lists and view their details. You can't modify, delete, or create new inventory lists. If you have mixed permission to access one module (via different roles), the higher level access is granted. See your administrator if you require write access.

    For read-only access, the role still need the functional permissions, either Manage_Inventory (for all inventory lists globally) or Manage_Site_Inventory for selected sites.

  2. Click Edit for an inventory list.
  3. Select the Site Assignments tab.
  4. Select the site to which you want to assign the inventory list.
    If the site has another list already assigned, that list will become unassigned.
  5. Click Apply.
    You can assign an inventory list to more than one site at a time. Assignments of inventory lists to certain sites can be imported by the initial site import. Each site can reference the ID of an inventory list. If so, the assignment is activated by creating (or importing) an inventory list with the same ID that is referenced by the individual assignment of the imported sites. If an inventory list is removed, the site assignment remains and is activated again once you create an inventory list with the same ID.