Model 5 - Real-Time Inventory Availability at Add-to-Cart

Model 5 would be appropriate for a merchant who needs to minimize the risk of having a customer order a product that is not available, and has an Inventory Management System that can respond to real-time requests for product inventory status. Model 5 requires customization.

Salesforce B2C Commerce calls the front end system at add-to-cart for a real time stock level check. The merchant keeps inventory data reasonably fresh, perhaps with a daily batch feed.

If the following conditions exist:

The result is that all products appear to be in stock until the customer attempts to add-to-cart. At this point the customer might be notified that a product is partially or totally unavailable. B2C Commerce doesn't notify a customer of an availability issue at checkout. The storefront behavior is as follows.

Status Behavior
Available The product record appears in product detail, cart, and checkout views. The product can be ordered.
Backordered Not implemented
Pre-ordered Not implemented
Not available Not implemented

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