Model 6 - Real-Time Inventory Availability at Checkout

Model 6 would be appropriate for a merchant who needs to eliminate the risk of having a customer order a product that is not available, and has an Inventory Management System that can respond to real-time requests for product inventory status. Model 6 requires customization of the SiteGenesis application.

Salesforce B2C Commerce calls the inventory system at checkout for a real time stock level check. The merchant keeps inventory data reasonably fresh, perhaps with a daily batch feed.

If the following conditions exist:

The result is that all products appear to be in stock until the customer attempts to checkout. At this point the customer can be notified that a product is partially or totally unavailable. B2C Commerce doesn't notify a customer of an availability issue at add-to-cart. The storefront behavior is as follows.

Status Behavior
Available The product record appears in product detail, cart, and checkout views. The product can be ordered.
Backordered Not implemented
Pre-ordered Not implemented
Not available Not implemented

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